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Reward Points


What are reward points?

Reward points are earned with each purchase you make on our site. These points can be used as payment on future purchases. For each purchase you make, you are rewarded a set amount of points. So, for example, if you were to purchase a Vapage Titan 650 mAh kit, you would be rewarded 100 points. Under the items listed retail price, you will see "cost in rewards points: 100."  These means that you would need 150 points to completely pay for one kit. However, you can redeem your reward points at any time. So, if you only have 20 points, they can still be applied. Instead of the full price being covered, 20 points would take a certain amount off of the box price. 

How to apply reward points:

First you must log into your account and add your desired products to the shopping cart. You can then enter the amount of points you'd like to redeem by selecting "Shopping Cart" at the top, right-hand side of our homepage. Once you have selected "Shopping Cart", select "use reward points" and enter the amount you'd like to use(total amount available will also be shown here). Complete your purchase, earn more reward points, and enjoy the savings earned through being an International Vaping customer!

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